Viewer4Skype 1.0

Plug-in that lets instantly show your pictures to friends during a Skype call
1.0 (See all)

Viewer4Skype is an application built using Skype API and intended to work in conjunction with Skype. It provides a new feature that allows Skype users to share pictures with each other during a Skype call.

The application has to be installed on each party's computer in order to share pictures. Viewer4Skype automatically detects Skype calls and establishes connections. Once connected it transmits images displayed in the viewer to remote computers so your friends can see exactly what you see.

User interface of Viewer4Skype is very simple and intuitive. Basically, it consists of a file browser and a display pane. There are a few correction controls to manipulate the image.

Download: As a Skype plug-in Viewer4Skype has to be installed using Skype Extras Manager. The installation package is distributed as a .sparc file and can be downloaded directly from Skype Extras website.

- Windows XP/Vista
- Java Runtime 1.4 (or later)

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